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Beyond is a premium quality large-format collector’s book featuring work from each genre and Benjamin’s museum exhibited works. It represents the ultimate Benjamin Walls collection.

We are proud to report that 5% of book sales will go directly to Friends of the Smokies – the leading nonprofit supporting the conservation of the Great Smoky Mountains.

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    Beyond: Collector’s Edition

    Also available with any art purchase – the Beyond Collector’s Edition. Signed by Benjamin Walls, the Collector’s Edition features a brown leather cover with a linen clamshell case & gold foil lettering. Only 77 ever produced! Contact an art consultant for details.

    Twelve years, three hundred thousand exposures, and a million miles of travel have gone into the making of Beyond. Walls’ work ethic, his focus, and his singular artistic vision have helped him become not only a cultural and artistic ambassador for the Southern Appalachian region, but also an effective advocate for the preservation of our natural heritage, both local and global. It all began when, in high school, Benjamin took a hike through The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. That trip changed the trajectory of his life. Stunned by the exquisiteness of all that he saw, from the mountain views to the lushness of flora and fauna, Benjamin knew that he had to learn to translate these moments, this sense of wildness, for other people. Benjamin’s native region gives him inspiration and still feeds his creativity. It was—and still is—at the center of his passion for invoking wonder at our natural heritage. Beyond chronicles the career of this young but accomplished artist, who produces images that consistently push beyond boundaries, limitations, and expectations.

    Benjamin Walls is a special person with a gifted talent. His vibrant photographs reflect the life and color that is present throughout God’s green earth. Benjamin and I both grew up admiring the beauty of The Great Smoky Mountains. The iconic East Tennessee Mountains have been such an inspiration to both of us and their influence is visible in our work and in our hearts. Benjamin has the ability to recognize and capture a single moment in time and share it with the world. I have always been able to capture these moments in my heart and in my songs.

    I paint the Smoky Mountains in words, and he does the same with his camera. Now, I can collect a photo by Benjamin, so I can enjoy those moments every time I look at it. Of course my favorites are the ones from the Smokies. He captures my emotions about these mountains, as I’m sure he does with all the people that see his work. He’s a magnificent artist. Admiring Benjamin Walls’ photographs will inspire you to do more to protect and preserve nature and wildlife. I am so pleased that Benjamin chose to get involved and support The Friends of the Smokies. They have done some wonderful things to preserve and enhance our beautiful mountains. Thank you to those who purchased this book for contributing to such a worthy organization.

    Benjamin, thank you for sharing your beautiful work with all of us. Your photographs are absolutely spectacular as well as inspiring. I am honored to write the foreword for your new coffee table book and collection. I hope to see more of you and your great works!

    Dolly Parton, Entertainment Icon